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I was leaving Activa Arena August 14 at 22:00 and had just turned my radio on when I heard Kitchener dispatch calling P1. They advised the crew that they had a second call confirming a fully involved car fire at the Peter Hallman ball yard parking lot. The ball field is right across the street from the arena. The entrance to the parking lot is half a block from where I was. I arrived a couple of minutes ahead of the pumper. I confirmed with dispatch the car was fully involved and there were no exposures. There were a number of explosions from the tires, air bags and struts letting go so I stayed well back. The video is a little grainy due to the distance I stood from the fire. Note the strut exploding caught the firefighters attention just as he was getting ready to attack the fire. Also appeared to possibly be magnesium or some other reaction a little later in the video when the inside of the Dodge Journey lights up very white.

Gary Dinkel, Box 690