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Photos from the 3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, IL – March 22, 2022 by multiple photographers

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Steve Redick photo
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Chicago firefighters battled a 3-11 Alarm fire in a commercial building with a bow-string truss roof at 3040 W. Lawrence Avenue late morning and into the afternoon on Tuesday 3/22/22.

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Firefighters in Wheeling, IL were dispatched to a house fire at 326 Renee Terrace just after 8PM on 2/5/22. Companies arrived to find heavy smoke and flames from a small ranch house. Snow piled against the hydrant in front of the house caused a slight delay in achieving a positive water supply but an aggressive interior attack darkened the fire quickly.

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Larry Shapiro photo
#larryshapiro; #shapirophotography.net; #WheelingFD; #housefire
Larry Shapiro photo
#larryshapiro; #shapirophotography.net; #WheelingFD; #housefire; #firescenes.net
Larry Shapiro photo
#larryshapiro; #shapirophotography.net; #WheelingFD; #housefire; #firescenes.net; #Spartan; #FireTruck
Larry Shapiro photo

The Wheeling Fire Department (IL) received a call reporting fire in a house at 40 Versailles Court just before 8:30 PM Wednesday evening (1/26/22). The initial assignment was Glencoe Squad 30, Des Plaines Engine 61, Buffalo Grove Tower 25, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Battalion 51, Mount Prospect Battalion 3, Arlington Heights Ambulance 2, Wheeling Squad 24 and both Wheeling ambulances. The balance of  the Wheeling companies including chief officers were at a house fire in neighboring Prospect Heights just over a mile away. Prospect Heights units would also have been due on the initial alarm with Wheeling companies. Des Plaines and Glencoe responded from Wheeling stations where they were providing coverage.

As the fire in Prospect Heights was winding down, command at that incident released a Wheeling engine, Wheeling chief officers, and Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Squad 51 to take in the Wheeling fire. Squad 24 was the first to arrive and initially reported nothing showing. After approaching the home on foot, they noted that the house was full of smoke and made the hydrant in the cul-de-sac. The alarm was upgraded to a Working Fire which added Mount Prospect Engine 14 and North Maine Engine 1 in addition to Wheeling Battalion 24 who cleared from the Prospect Heights incident.

Companies found a basement fire which was extinguished in short order, but he fire burned through a spot above on the first floor creating hazard to interior crews. The entire house was filled with smoke and had to be ventilated. 

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Just before 2:00PM on Thursday, (4/22/21) fire companies from Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Lake Zurich, Prospect Heights, Mundelein, the Countryside FPD, the Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD, Barrington, and Elk Grove Township were dispatched for a house fire at 3159 Cuba Road in Long Grove. Initial reports were of fire on the roof that the resident was attempting to extinguish. The 6,000 square foot home with a cedar shake roof is located roughly 1,000 feet from the road with a winding driveway and wooden bridge for access.

A dispatcher notified responding units that the homeowner had reportedly reentered the home, but was outside again when the first units arrived. Long Grove units saw fire from the attic in front of the house and from the rear as well upon conducting an initial size up. The alarm was upgraded to a working fire bringing more resources including several additional tankers.

An interior attack was made and found heavy fire inside the home before firefighters were forced to retreat and change to defensive operations. Long Grove Tanker 55 with 3,000 gallons of water and Squad 55 with 730 gallons were both in the driveway followed shortly thereafter by Lake Zurich Engine 324 with another 750 gallons after they dropped 750′ of 5″ hose up the driveway on their way in. The alarm was upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm which later was upgraded to a 2nd and then a 3rd Alarm.

A deck gun was used to attack the fire until the initial 4800-gallon combined water supply was depleted while additional companies initiated a water supply from the street. Tankers shuttled water from two fill sites, one east and the other from the west.

At one point ammunition inside was heard exploding. Embers from the fire spread to the east starting several small brush fires. The wind-driven fire spread quickly and totally consumed the house which was completely destroyed. 

wind driven fire destroys large home in an area with no hydrants
fire destroys 6000 square foot home
Larry Shapiro photo

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