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Highland Park (IL) firefighters were dispatched for a house fire on Churchill Lane after 1AM Wednesday (4/18/18). Police officers arriving first confirmed a fire at 2088 Churchill Lane. Fire companies arrived and reported a two-story house that was fully involved. The alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 for the working fire which had been burning for some time. Within minutes the roof was in and a two-story portico over the driveway also collapsed.

Firefighters were unable to enter the main living area of the house to conduct a primary search due to the volume of fire and defensive operations were initiated. The whereabouts of the home’s occupants could not be established. Neighbors reported that the two residents were believed to be hoarders. Two bodies were eventually recovered from within the remnants of the house. The address was corrected to 2088 Kipling Lane.

house engulfed in flames

Max Weingardt photo