4 comments on “Chicago 5-11 Alarm at 1520 S Indiana – March 17, 1974

  1. Do you have any historical chicgao fire dept pictures for purchase? Very interested if so depending on what you may have/price.

  2. With all due respect the images depicted as a 1520 S Indiana fire are ACTUALLY of the fire at 1541 S Michigan on April 7, 1971 – even the diagram has it with the 1532 bldg being consumed by fire in 1974

    Image 1: View looking South on Michigan Ave from ~14th Michigan
    Image 2: View looking North at (Southern exposure side 1541 Bldg) from Northeast Crnr of 16th & Mich
    Image 3: View looking NorthEast from ~SW Crnr of 16th & Michigan
    Image 4: View looking Southwest from ROOFTOP of 1532 S Indiana Bldg
    Image 5:View looking North from 16th st Btwn Michigan Ave & Indiana Ave
    Image 6:White hats trying to figure out what street the fire is on – LOL
    Image 7:View from Northwest Crnr of 16th & Michigan
    Image 8: Diagram depicts fire being fought from 1532 Bldg rooftop using handlines and multiversals

    Just info for Historical commentary & accuracy

    • thanks for the fact check – evidently the person that submitted the material was not accurate

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